Friday, September 23, 2011


Ummm... So we don't live in China any more... I'll fill you in a little more on what life is like for us these days, but before we came home we did a little bit of traveling. First to Turkey to visit my cousin and her family as well as connect with some of the ISU students who volunteered there this summer. Here's a few highlights. It's old news, so I'll keep it short.

Visiting cousin Owen
and his mom and dad of course

Making friends
Checking out the rugs at the Grand Bazaar
Hajia Sophia
(if you don't know about this place check it out - the history is amazing)
Nora found it to be a very educational experience that she will remember forever
Mike and I got a day away to tour the ruins of Ephesus. So sweet to walk the same streets as apostle Paul and the gang. The other thing I like about overseas travel is that everything is so open. In America they'd have everything all blocked off but overseas - if you wanna climb on the oldest stuff ever - not a problem. Heck you could probably take a pillar home with you if you want.
Then we were off to Kiev, Ukraine to see my friend Lindsay and her family
Lindsay and Andre are committed to sports ministry in Ukraine with FCA.
That's right - puttin' out the vibe in the capitol city

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